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Women in Tech: Katie Brown of EnGen

Kicking off our Women in Tech Series, Kenning Partner Cathy Boeckmann welcomes Katie Brown, Founder and Chief Education Officer of EnGen.  Katie charts her course from academia, to EdTech startup, and now to a public benefit corporation.  Katie describes the dire need for high quality English Language Learning for immigrants to the U.S. and explains how EnGen’s pedagogy, founded on real English language example, can aid in these learners achieving a level of proficiency in English that can help them gain employment with the potential for economic mobility.  She goes on to note how the EnGen’s technology allows for a true “flipped classroom”, in which out-of-class individualized language activities can support in-class learning.

Women in Tech: Katie Brown of EnGen2022-12-15T19:03:14-05:00

Jerry Stauduhar

Jerry Stauduhar is a partner at Kenning Associates, a consultancy focused on leadership development and executive communication. He helps clients build skills in these disciplines through coaching and other types of learning programs and has served Fortune 500, leading tech, emerging/start-up, private equity, and major consulting and professional services firms.

Jerry Stauduhar2023-04-05T18:47:10-04:00

Thom Shaw

Thom brings more than 20 years’ experience in communications, management consulting, and adult learning to his work. He specializes in issues of organizational change, executive communications, and capability building.

Thom Shaw2023-03-06T16:32:37-05:00

Daryl Ogden

Daryl enjoys working with clients to generate insights about their strengths and potential, helping them to envision and bring to life new and exciting possibilities for themselves and their organizations. He specializes in designing and executing diagnostic reviews that focus on people leadership and culture. He translates the insights yielded by these diagnostics into effective strategies at the individual, team, and organization levels. Daryl’s background, encompassing academia, consulting, and executive leadership, informs his diverse approach to adult learning and development.

Daryl Ogden2023-02-20T20:19:16-05:00

Jennifer Lachance

Jen has worked in the field of leadership development and organizational decision-making for over a decade. Working first with healthcare and public health organizations, and then expanding across many sectors, Jen has supported individuals, teams, and organizations to reach new insights in their leadership journey. Jen believes there is no correct model of leadership; rather, effective leaders explore and experiment to find the pieces of different models that feel authentic for them. To make this possible, Jennifer helps her clients embrace their full selves and discover what best fits their authentic style. At a foundational level, this process involves boosting self-awareness and self-confidence and practicing different leadership skill sets.

Jennifer Lachance2023-02-03T17:31:47-05:00

Annie Howell

Annie Howell has been immersed in the field of adult learning and leadership development for over 20 years with a focus on coaching executives as they deepen authenticity, ownership, and vision in their work. She recognizes that these skills are cultivated over time through a solid self-understanding, a genuine curiosity about the ways that colleagues and clients make meaning of their work, and a facility for complex systems. Annie enjoys working with leaders as they increase their capacities in these areas through dedicated reflective practice and action. She also consults with organizations to analyze and shape their systems and cultures to promote deliberate individual and organizational growth.

Annie Howell2022-11-14T15:04:58-05:00

Cathy Boeckmann

Cathy draws on more than 20 years experience helping people improve their performance in the work setting. As a coach and facilitator, Cathy focuses on helping organizations and leaders of all kinds collaborate in ways that are clear, honest, and aligned with values and business priorities.

Cathy Boeckmann2023-09-22T16:36:29-04:00
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