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Time-travelling the Leadership Continuum

How is leadership like time travel?  Kenning Partner Daryl Ogden explains to Mike Merrill an important tool he employs in his coaching practice:  “The Leadership Continuum”.  In this framework, Leadership is composed of three elements, all intrinsically associated with a facet of time:  Administration, with the past; Management, with the present; and Vision, with the future.  

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Jerry Stauduhar

Jerry Stauduhar is a partner at Kenning Associates, a consultancy focused on leadership development and executive communication. He helps clients build skills in these disciplines through coaching and other types of learning programs and has served Fortune 500, leading tech, emerging/start-up, private equity, and major consulting and professional services firms.

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Thom Shaw

Thom brings more than 20 years’ experience in communications, management consulting, and adult learning to his work. He specializes in issues of organizational change, executive communications, and capability building.

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