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The Power of the Pod

Coaching is an investment, and everyone involved wants to get the most out of it, personally and professionally.  Similarly, leadership development workshops require participants to commit time and energy, and the payoff should be commensurate.  Interestingly, the secret sauce to making all this happen could be investing in one additional element: “pod” coaching.

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The Antidote for Death by PowerPoint

Kenning partners Cathy Boeckmann and Jerry Stauduhar have been facilitating Kenning’s Communicating Insights workshop for more than a decade.  In this interview, they explain how the workshop offers not only the elusive cure for death by PowerPoint but also improves most any other form of written or oral communication.

The Antidote for Death by PowerPoint2023-10-06T01:30:23-04:00

Annie Howell

Annie Howell has been immersed in the field of adult learning and leadership development for over 20 years with a focus on coaching executives as they deepen authenticity, ownership, and vision in their work. She recognizes that these skills are cultivated over time through a solid self-understanding, a genuine curiosity about the ways that colleagues and clients make meaning of their work, and a facility for complex systems. Annie enjoys working with leaders as they increase their capacities in these areas through dedicated reflective practice and action. She also consults with organizations to analyze and shape their systems and cultures to promote deliberate individual and organizational growth.

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