Monthly Archives: January 2020

Rudi Doku

Rudi Doku specializes in working with leadership teams to create a workplace culture that enables their employees to thrive - starting with how the leadership team communicates, internally and externally. In his work at Kenning, he helps experts and managers to diagnose their leadership challenges and engage diverse stakeholders to help them achieve their leadership aspirations.

Rudi Doku2023-06-13T18:47:29-04:00

Cathy Boeckmann

Cathy draws on more than 20 years experience helping people improve their performance in the work setting. As a coach and facilitator, Cathy focuses on helping organizations and leaders of all kinds collaborate in ways that are clear, honest, and aligned with values and business priorities.

Cathy Boeckmann2023-09-22T16:36:29-04:00
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