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Best Practices for Facilitating Meetings

Kenning Associates Partner Jen LaChance says that facilitating a meeting means “creating space for group level sense-making”.  With that benchmark in mind, she and fellow Kenning Partner (and facilitation veteran) Thom Shaw discuss some of the best ways to prepare for a meeting, conduct it, and what you should do once it's done.

Best Practices for Facilitating Meetings2022-12-15T18:59:57-05:00

Women in Tech: Katie Brown of EnGen

Kicking off our Women in Tech Series, Kenning Partner Cathy Boeckmann welcomes Katie Brown, Founder and Chief Education Officer of EnGen.  Katie charts her course from academia, to EdTech startup, and now to a public benefit corporation.  Katie describes the dire need for high quality English Language Learning for immigrants to the U.S. and explains how EnGen’s pedagogy, founded on real English language example, can aid in these learners achieving a level of proficiency in English that can help them gain employment with the potential for economic mobility.  She goes on to note how the EnGen’s technology allows for a true “flipped classroom”, in which out-of-class individualized language activities can support in-class learning.

Women in Tech: Katie Brown of EnGen2022-12-15T19:03:14-05:00

Leadership Versatility & The Birkman Method

Kenning Partner Laurie Burkland Waller speaks with Mike Merrill about leadership versatility, a trait she has found to be especially important for collaboration and effectiveness. Leaders with versatility have a kind of multilingual fluency: they are better able to adapt to stakeholders both inside and outside the organization and meet the needs of a particular person in a specific context. 

Leadership Versatility & The Birkman Method2022-11-29T13:10:29-05:00
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