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Grace Yao Turkis

Grace brings more than 20 years of experience in leadership development in both education and health care settings. A certified Co-Active coach, she is passionate about helping people integrate their unique experiences, interests, and talents to reach their full professional potential. In addition to her work as a leadership coach and facilitator, she is the Director of Leadership & Professional Development for the RISE Office of the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, where she designs and facilitates leadership courses and workshops for graduate students.

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Neill Thew

Neill has worked in adult learning and leadership development for the past 20 years, following a career in university leadership. As a coach and workshop facilitator, he works with leaders and their teams to diagnose and overcome their most significant adaptive challenges and to build leadership capacity.

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Patrick Murphy

Patrick Murphy is a leadership coach and facilitator based in Brooklyn, NY, and is known for his unwavering enthusiasm and spirit to help leaders succeed. His clients have ranged from roles such as president and vice president, through mid-level managers, first-time leaders, and technical experts. Clients have held positions in Fortune 100 companies, brand name non-profits, and various government agencies.

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