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A sharper strategic vision gets immediate financial impact


See how Kenning helped a C-suite leader at a technology company with an academic background who was facing a communications challenge – her spoken and written communications were not getting enough traction with teams, leadership, and investors.

Building the next generation of management talent


Autotrader.Com launched a 3-year initiative to identify high potential managers from across every division and function and provide them with a common core of problem solving, interpersonal, and communication skills. Kenning was their partner from the early stages of design through program delivery.

Accelerating the development of more diverse and inclusive culture


With the sponsorship of top leadership, a game studio Diversity & Inclusion Team was seeking a capable partner that could help it more quickly and comprehensively understand the drivers  of the studio’s D&I challenges and address those challenges  with a custom design, studio-wide learning program. See how Kenning helped.

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