communicate better

Expert coaching ensures a high-stakes presentation engages a board-level audience


The CEO of a major privately held heavy equipment company invited two recently promoted business unit heads to present their strategic visions to the Board. A successful meeting would be a catalyst for the executives in their new roles, and so their content and delivery would need to truly meet board-level expectations. See how Kenning helped.

A sharper strategic vision gets immediate financial impact


See how Kenning helped a C-suite leader at a technology company with an academic background who was facing a communications challenge – her spoken and written communications were not getting enough traction with teams, leadership, and investors.

Better business insights help drive successful growth


At a consumer goods and logistics company, writing was considered very important. Staff were producing meticulous memos and reports with vast amounts of detail. But top leaders were struggling to find business insights buried in all the information. See how Kenning helped.

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