The Challenge

At a consumer goods and logistics company, writing was considered very important. Staff were producing meticulous memos and reports with vast amounts of detail. But top leaders were struggling to find business insights buried in all the information.

How Kenning Helped

Kenning piloted our Communicating Insights workshop for a group of influential executives. They confirmed the skills were just what was needed to discourage data dumps – and encourage key staff to argue persuasively for ways to improve the business.

“This workshop has made a positive impact with over 250 employees in our organization. The course is consistently among the top-rated programs we offer, and it successfully influences leaders to consider new ways of constructing written communications.”

Laura Schart, Talent & Development

The Results

In the years since, the workshop has become a core offering, attended by hundreds of rising leaders. Participants have taken away the mindset that they can help make the business better. And leadership reports that communications are easier to act on, supporting success for the fast-growing company.

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