January 6, 2022

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4 Types of new jobs

Cartoon figure opening doorKenning Associates Partner Daryl Ogden talks with Mike Merrill about the 4 types of new jobs that he commonly encounters in his coaching practice, and how those finding themselves in transitions to these new roles can best navigate the challenges that await them.  

The first three are moves internal to a company:  moving laterally within a large organization; being promoted, often to lead the team you were once part of; and switching from a creative or managerial role to an executive one. Finally, Daryl discusses additional considerations when making a move to a new company as an external hire.

Daryl explains that in all these cases curiosity and subsequent reflection are your best tools to make sense of your experience.  “Grow big ears,” he says, learn as much as you can and reflect on what you are learning, on your own and, importantly, with others.  By doing so, you can find a way not only to succeed personally, but also to align yourself with the organization’s values and strategies, adding your voice to theirs, harmoniously.



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